Broken Halo: A Minecraft SSP Journey

I’ve got 151 km² of 2020 Minecraft (including a 17 km² core of solitude), walled in by a 55 km² halo of 2011 Minecraft, surrounded by an endless expanse of 2022+ Minecraft. (For more about how this all came to be, read about the world.) I blab about exploring it and occasionally build stuff too.

Please note that most pages are screenshot‐heavy and may not be ideal for slow/metered connections or small displays.

This site is permanently  under construction  (just like any good Minecraft world!) and best viewed on a proper desktop/laptop – or at least in landscape. (It should work with basically whatever you throw it at, but I mean, it’s a site about a computer game, and it’s on Neocities. Kind of expecting a mostly‐desktop audience here.)

My Minecraft skin, Marcy Wu from the TV series “Amphibia.”

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